Mexico-Alaska Part I Summary (Cancun to Seattle)

After a day of errands in Seattle, I flew back home on June 4th and set out to finish writing up the stories in my blog.

This trip was longer and bigger than our 2007 NYC-SF tour and more varied in terms of terrain, weather, and culture.  I beat my previous records in distance per day (148 miles), speed (49.3 mi/hr), overall distance (4,819 miles / 7,754 km), and duration (76 days).  Biggest uphill:  Panamint Range in Death Valley National Park.

MM cycled 19 days and 1,107 miles, of which 8 days and 423 miles were in Mexico.

Here are some additional stats for those who asked:

  • Avg. daily distance (excl. rest days)*: 72 mi (116 km)
  • Avg. daily distance (incl. rest days)*: 65 mi (105 km)
  • Avg. riding days between rest days: 8.5
Longest days:
  • 148 miles! – day 46, Flagstaff, AZ
  • 113 mi – day 35, Midland, TX
  • 105 mi – day 33, Menard, TX
  • …in addition, there were many days over 90 miles.
Shortest days:
  • 29 mi – day 41, Magdalena, NM — due to strong headwind and a FedEx screw-up
  • 30 mi – day 58, Panamint Springs, Death Valley, CA — rode over the enormous Panamint Range
  • 36 mi – day 45, St. Johns, AZ — due to fear of frostbite because of below-freezing night after 3 snow storms and inability to dry clothes

Free vs. paid accommodations:

  • In Mexico:
    • 1 free hotel night
    • 24 nights in hotels or guest rooms (paid but pretty cheap)
  • In the U.S.:
    • 26 nights camping or staying with friends
    • 24 nights in hotels/motels
Seven rest days (not cycling):
  • Day 4, Merida, Yyucatan
  • Day 11, Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche
  • Day 22, Tampico, Tamaulipas
  • Day 31, San Antonio, TX
  • Day 42, Magdalena, NM
  • Day 55, Las Vegas, NV
  • Day 65, Black Rock Desert, NV
* A couple of days do not count due to non-ride-related delays: one day in Merida spent waiting for Masha’s plane stuck in NYC; the day we rode to Seybaplaya was spent mostly dealing with family issues in NYC.

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